Auarita Lion 2 Spray Gun


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Auarita Lion 1 1.3mm HVLP spray gun.

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High-grade air cap ,atomization is more uniform and fine, Ideal for all common spraying applications except for the most professional surface spraying.

TEFLON surface, much better performance than traditional electrophoresis surface in acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance . The surface of Teflon is flawless, smooth, and more delicate, brighter than electrophoretic surface.

Deep groove air cap ring, easy to lock, easy to disassemble. Optimized arc-shaped trigger, more flexible control, long-time spraying without fatigue.

High paint volume, thick paint film, suitable for technicians who are accustomed to high-efficiency spraying.

High quality stainless steel nozzle and needle, exquisite processing technology , wear-resistant, the atomization performance remains unchanged under long time use.

The gun body is processed by Large CNC machining center at one time to ensure that the concentricity of the internal channels is on the same level, ensuring that each product achieves the best atomization performance.

Before each spray gun be delivered,each spray gun’s atomization performance has passed two strict manual inspections to ensure the excellent quality.

ApplicationĀ  scope: Wide range of applications for medium surface spraying requirements, such as small trucks, furniture, woodworking, electromechanical products, electrical appliances, plastics, leather ,etc.



Standard Nozzle: 1.3mm

Optimal Working Pressure: 3.5Bar/50PSI

Maximum Pressure: 4.0Bar/57PSI

Air Consumption: 9-10cfm

Pattern Width: 220-250mm

Spray Distance: 200mm

Cup Capacity: 600ml


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