DeVilbiss DV1 Limited Edition Durbz


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Auarita H-899 HVLP Gravity Feed Air Spray Gun 600CC Cup with 1.3MM Nozzle.

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DeVilbiss DV1 Limited Edition Durbz 1.3mm B+ Gravity Spray Gun

The DV1 is the most advanced, precision engineered professional automotive refinish spray gun ever built to carry the world famous DeVilbiss brand name. No other refinish spray gun is built like it or performs like it. For typical HVLP applications the DV1-B is the perfect choice, delivering atomisation like no other DeVilbiss air cap. For high efficiency air cap performance at low pressure the DV1-B+ delivers performance equivalent to today’s ‘High Efficiency’ air caps.

Key Features

  • Particle Size – Consistently achieves a narrow color window for the closest color matching.
  • Turbulent Control – New advanced fluid tip design reduces turbulence, minimising mottling/clouding.
  • Operator Control – A new combined air inlet and air control valve with 12 x higher precision sensitivity for smoother air control.
  • Transfer Efficiency – Reduced air pressure resulting in improved spray pattern control, atomisation consistency and improved transfer efficiency.
  • Consistent Atomisation – The DV1 air caps, with advanced internal geometry, result in a perfectly balanced, consistent spray pattern for a perfect finish.


  • Fluid Nozzle: 1.3mm
  • Air Cap: DV1-B+
  • Air Inlet Pressure: 2.0 bar [29 psi]
  • Air Consumption: 300 L/min [10.6 cfm]
  • Typical Fan Pattern Size: 325 mm [12.8 in] @ 200mm target
  • Typical Fluid Flow: 140-190 g/min
  • Pot Size: 600ml


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