3D One Hybrid Compound & Polish


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3D ONE is the first product that can do both, cut and finish and most important – this hybrid compound/polish works and delivers consistent results over a wide-spectrum or car paints. When it comes to paint correction, the unknown variable between different cars is paint hardness. Some cars can have very hard paint while other cars can have very soft paint and some cars of course are right in the middle, the sweet spot.

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A Hybrid Cutting Compound & Finishing Polish

Paint correction is one of the least desirable steps when it comes to doing a full exterior detail job. The reason why is because most compounds and polishes are a pain to work with. This includes how the feel while buffing, they dry up and start creating dust, if you work them too long, they become sticky like glue and then wipe of is both frustrating, difficult, time consuming and tiring. Plus, you need more towels to do the job safely.

3D ONE is like no other compound or polish you’ve ever used, and you’ll find this out the first time you use it. 3D ONE cuts like a compound and finishes out like a fine cut polish. Other companies have tried to create a product like 3D ONE in the past, but no one even comes close to 3D ONE. To change the cut simply change the pad or tool. That’s right, change the tool. For super aggressive cut, use 3D ONE with a rotary polisher and a traditional 4-ply, twisted wool cutting pad. For less cut, use any orbital polisher with either a fiber pad or a foam cutting pad. For polishing and show car finishing work, switch to your favorite orbital polisher and a soft foam polishing of even softer foam finishing pad.

Unlike any other compound or polish you’ve ever used, to experience the forever buffing cycle is incredible. This product will simply NOT dry-up on you. As long as you buff the product will stay wet on the surface and continue to cut or polish. Everyone I’ve ever met hates it when any product becomes dusty while they buff or when it’s time to wipe-off the residue. Never happens. Never.

The wipe-off is smooth and fluid. The product lubricates the surface as you wipe so not only is wiping off easy there’s virtually zero risk for wiping induced towel marring. Unheard of when it comes to compounds and polishes. 

While it’s always a good best practice to wipe off any paint care products during the job, one time I was compounding a Corvette and an emergency came up. I had to leave the shop. I dreaded coming in the next day. I fully expected the 3D ONE residue covering the entire car to wipe-off like concrete. To my complete and joyful surprise, it wiped off just as easy as if I had just finished buffing. In fact, it may have wiped off easier! The point being – this product wipes off easy and this simply is not the case with most products on the market today. And when a product is difficult to wipe off this not only increases the risk for put wiping scratches back into the paint (you just invested hours buffing to perfection), but it will also tire you out and take all the fun out your work.

Get a bottle – see for yourself what you read above is true and accurate. 3D ONE will become you new go-to favorite compound/polish.

What is it? – Combination 2-in-1 product – it is a compound/polish. Cuts like a compound and finishes like a polish. 

Uses 3D’s proprietary alpha ceramic alumina abrasive technology. Alumina Oxide is a conductor of heat. Ceramic is an insulator of heat. By combining to create a hybrid, the ceramic counters the heat issue created from the alumina oxide to reduce and help eliminate heat issues like burn-through from excess surface temperatures.

No filler formula – The results you see are true and accurate – no fillers, hiding or masking.

What does it do? – Removes below surface paint defects like swirls, scratches, water spots and oxidation. Can be used with aggressive pads and powerful tools for removing deep and/or serious paint defects or can be used with soft foam pads and free spinning orbital polishers to finish out for show car results.


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