Walcom Genesi Carbonio 360 EVO HTE Clear 1.3mm


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The first carbon fiber spray gun in the market.

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The first carbon fiber spray gun in the market, the lightest ever, exceptional transfer efficiency and an atomizing quality that challenges any competitor. A revolution in the industry, an aluminum core with a carbon fiber layer, the most advanced and sophisticated performance composite material.

HTE by Walcom, more than 20 years of experience with the most popular technology in the market, the paint system that combines adequate atomizing pressure and high transferred efficiency, certified by international independent laboratory and research institutes. The specific base air cap HP – High paint layout with proper distribution and flow orientation, 12 holes nozzle, precise and wide range of adjustment for fan and paint flow, are details that makes it a unique piece of equipment in the refinish application of the latest generation products.

We developed a new specific version for improved transfer efficiency and more quality results, HTE clear with the HA-high atomization air cap that allows to achieve exceptional results, an amazing fan pattern and a perfect and even paint distribution with really low orange peel effect. The wide and precise range on the paint control regulation allow each painter to find the best setting for his personal spraying style.

  • Cup POM C 680 cc
  • Body Forged aluminum and carbon fiber
  • Handle/Trigger Carbon fiber
  • Aircap Anodized aluminum
  • Air cap ring Carbon fiber
  • Needle/Spring/Nozzle Stainless steel AISI 303
  • Seals PTFE (Teflon) self and adjusting and manual regulation
  • Weight340 g Operating air pressure 2.0 bar
  • Air consumption 380 l/min
  • Nozzle diameter 1.3
  • Regulator Digital pressure gauge and air control regulator with quick connection system, made of carbon fiber. 30° articulated fitting.


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