PPS Spray Gun System


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PPS Systems offer great advantages to any painter looking to save time and money.
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Our PPS disposable cup system works excellent with all types of paints, primers, epoxies, and commercial coatings. Use the cup system with automotive paint base coats, clear coats, topcoats and primers, as well as with stains, sealers, gel coats, varnishes, urethane’s, enamels, and lacquers.

Dramatically increase your spraying efficiency and overall productivity by saving time, labor, waste, and money by using the PPS disposable cup system! Reduce your paint material waste and cleaning solvent waste, while at the same time eliminating the cost and labor associated with cleaning traditional metal gun cups and the need for mixing cups and paint cans.

Everything you need to achieve incredibly fast and professional paint finishing results.

Our adapters are standard fit on DeVilbiss, Certain Italco, Walcom, Auarita and Anest Iwata spray guns but we can have adapters manufactured to your gun if required. Contact us for more info on this.

M16- H827/W400/LPH400

Please note the 50 liner kit excludes the outer cup and adapter. The outer cup doesn’t have mixing ratio’s on it, the image is for display purposes only.

PPS System

PPS Adapter DeVilbiss, PPS Adapter Walcom Slim Kombat, PPS Adapter Italco Gloss X1/H921, PPS Adapter M16 Female, Outer Cup, 50 inner liners, filters & 15 Sealing Caps 125 Micron, 50 inner liners, filers & 15 Sealing Caps 190 Micron


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